Indian Bakery Shops in Newham, East London

List Of Indian Bakery Shops in Newham Borough Of East London Specialising in Freshly Baked Breads, Pastry, Birthday Cakes, Pies, Sandwiches, Buns, Patties etc.

Novelty Bakery – Indian Baker East Ham, Newham
Novelty Bakery is Located Near Manor Park Station in Newham, East London. We Specialise in Chicken Pastry, Butter Puff Pastry, Coconut Biscuit. Are You Looking to Buy Indian Sweets and Mithai Such as Jalebi, Gulanb Jamun, Rasgulla, Burfi, Laddoo, Then Come visit Our Bakery. We Also Sell Freshly Baked Cakes, Nan Breads & Biscuits.
Contact Details
Address: 393 High Street North, East Ham, London, E12 6PG
Telephone: 020 8471 3415

Daile Bakes Upton Park, Off Green Street, East London
Are You Looking to Buy Egg & Eggless Cakes in Newham, Then Please Come visit Our Bakery and Order Fresh Cream Cakes, Birthday Cakes, Anniversary Cakes. We Also Make Fresh Christening Cakes and Celebration Cakes. Apart From General Bakery Items We Also Sell Indian Sweets, Halal Pies and Halal Sandwiches.
Location: 247 Plashet Road, London, E13 0QU, UK
Telephone Number: 0208 5488512

Cakes and Bakes Upton Park, East London
Indian Cafe and Baker Near Upton Park Station Specialising in Wedding Cakes, Fresh Cream Cakes, Birthday Cakes.
Shop Address: 216 High Street North, Upton Park, London, E6 2JA
Contact Number: 020 8472 0275
Opening Times 8:00am – 8:00pm 7 Days a Week

Aunties Bakery
For The Best in English and West Indian Bread, Cakes Buns, Patties, and Other Food Near Upton Park Station Visit Aunties Bakery.
Address: 409 Green Street, Upton Park, London, E13 9AU
Phone Number: 020 8503 5429
Business Hours: Open Mon-Sat – 8:00am – 6:00pm

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