Sandhu Supermarket Wolverhampton, UK

Sandhu Supermarket Wolverhampton, UK

Sandhu Supermarket is an Indian Grocery Store Based in Wolverhampton, UK. We Specialise in Indian, Pakistani, Sri Lankan, Bangladeshi, Afgani, Asian Groceries and Spices in Wolverhampton.

We have huge Range of Indian & Pakistani Rice available in 10KG AND 20KG Bags such as Salam Basmati Rice, Laila Broken Rice, Badshah Basmati Rice, Rose Basmati Rice, Chenab Pakistani Rice, Superme Pakistani Basmati Rice, Tohfa Kernal Basmati Rice, KTC Premium Basmati Rice, Tilda Basmati Rice.

We have variety of Flour such as Elephant Atta, Virani Gram Flour, Natco Gram Flour, Supreme Besan etc.

We have different brands of Indian Vegetables oils some of which include brands such as Medyna Vegetable Oil, Olive Pomace OIL, KTC Vegetable Medyna Oil etc.

We also stock Ghee, Margarine and Butter Items such as Khyber Pure Vegetable Ghee, Anchor Butter, East End Margarine, Willow Butter.

We sell indian branded red kidney beans, check peas and lentils such as Natco Kala Chana, KTC Chick Peas, Channa Daal, Supreme Red Kidney Beans, Red Lentils.

Some of our other Indian Branded Products include Fairy Washing Liquid, KTC Chopped Tomato, Vermacilli Sevian, Semolina, Hovis Bread, Natural Yoghurt, Sugar, Milk, Mango Juice, Whole Mixed Masala, Achar Pachranga, Encona West Indian Hot Pepper Sauce.

We also Provide Western Union Money Transfer Services


  • Address: 15 Bargate Drive, Whitemoreans, Wolverhampton, WV6 OQW, UK
  • Telephone: 01902 311 556

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  1. Rebecca Says:

    Dear Sir/Madame,

    Can you tell me if you supply frozen milk fish by the bag, if so how much does it cost please?


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