Smt Tripta Aulakh Vridh Ashram Jalandhar, Punjab, India

Smt Tripta Aulakh Vridh Ashram Jalandhar, Punjab, India

Aged Care Facility and Old Age Home For Elderly People in Jalandhar, Punjab

Providing Live-in Health Care For those who don’t have family support or children to take care of them. Ashram Provides Accommodation and Food on Daily Basis. People who work here are expert Aged Care Workers who have years of experience in taking care of elderly people. Free Food, Shelter and Clothes for elderly who don’t have any money.

Some of the facilities include Reception Hall, Television Room, Pooja Room, Library, Free Community Kitchen and Green Gardens.


  • Address: Nakodar Road, Jalandhar, Punjab, India
  • Shri Amrik Singh Aulak (0091 9915238313)
  • Shri Surinder Kumar Puri (0091 9463682837)
  • Shri Bhagat Singh Aulak England (Patron) (07939986549)

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7 Responses to “Smt Tripta Aulakh Vridh Ashram Jalandhar, Punjab, India”

  1. a k wadhera Says:

    I am a retired officer of about 67 years. I have no menas of income and is being neglected by my family, who have more than sufficient finances for their survival. Every day,there is confrontation on petty matters with my wife and daughter, who ask me to go somewhere and do something.How can I get place in your ashram and at what is bare minimum cost, if any. I am quite healthy, educated, computer savoy and know driving, with no bad habits. All my parental funds and my house have been got transferred by my wife and now every day, I fear to be thrown out. Please help me to survive. With kind regards.ak wadhera

  2. Jaipal Sidhu Says:

    is this Retirement home provide safe environment for aged dementia person.Thank you.

  3. sirjit Says:

    full address please

  4. sirjit Says:

    full addess please

  5. sirjit Says:

    full address of care home

  6. sirjit Says:

    67 year age maybe u can get watch man job pay your way

  7. sirjit Says:

    2 67 that teach u 2 marry a woman younger than your self

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