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Are your carpets looking tired & dirty? We can help !
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Dry carpet in 2-6 hours,
Bellow are the cleaning steps which our Trained Technician follow and these are the questions you should ask ANY CARPET CLEANING company.

Step 1: Pre-vacuum (furniture is moved)
step 2: pre-spray ECO friendly solution
step 3: pre- agitate with a rotary machine
step 4: Clean Steam hot water extraction

Your home’s carpets, rugs and fabrics can easily become breeding grounds for bacteria and other undesirable microorganisms. Because modern fabric and fibres are densely woven, dirt and debris have a hard time escaping. This makes cleaning very difficult and when stains are involved, it tends to attract bacterial growth.

Your carpet can therefore turn from a great investment into a potential health hazard. Most of the microorganisms that make the dirty carpet their home can trigger and aggravate allergies, and in some cases, may even cause hay fever and other respiratory problems. These are just some of the reasons why we're the full service carpet cleaner in London who represents great value to our clients – a dirty carpet does not just look ugly, it can make your living space an unbearable place to stay in.

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**Minimum call-out charge of £40**

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