Homoeopathic Health Clinic Derby, UK

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Address: 236, Blagreaves Lane, Littleover, Derby, DE23 1PS, U.K.
Location: Derby
Area: City of Derby
County: Derbyshire
Country: England

Homoeopathic Health Clinic Derby, UK

Homoeopathic Health Clinic Derby is an Indian Homeopathic Treatment Centre in Littleover Area Of Derby Specialising in Many Men and Womens General and Sexual Problems.

We also Specialise in Providing Treatment and Homeopathic Medicine For Diabetes, Asthma, Arthritis, Rheumatism, Sciatica, Indigestion, Heart Burning, Piles (Bawasir), Haemorrhoids, Constipation, Flatulence (Afara), Jaundice, Hepatitis, Hernia, Loaw and High Blood Pressure, Obesity, Migraine, Hair Falling, Baldness, Alopecia, Acne, Pigmentation, Bleeding Gums & Pyorrhoea, Tinnitis, Vertigos, Anaemia, Neuralgia, Depression

We also have experience in the treatment of Eczema, Psoriasis, Epileptic Fits and Depression.

All information is kept strictly confidential

Open 7 Days. Strictly on Appointments.

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  • Dr Manjeet Singh Khanba
  • M..A. M.(Lit) BSYA (Hom.) & (A.P.) (ADV. Herbalism) and Nutri.)
  • Homeopathic Consultant & Practitioner
  • Address: 236, Blagreaves Lane, Littleover, Derby, DE23 1PS, U.K.
  • Telephone/Fax: 01332 72 72 42
  • Mobile: 07973 85 10 12
  • Website: www.homoeopathichealthclinicderby.com
  • Email : manjeetkhanba@aol.com
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