Indian Ayurveda Massage Therapy

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Professional Indian Ayurveda massage therapist offered Ayurveda massage therapy and pain management, In call and out call appointments.

Medical benefits

Ayurveda massage is very beneficial for many musculoskeletal problems, such as chronic back pain, Osteoarthritis,
Fibromyalgia, Sprain and Strains, Frozen shoulder, Stress, Spondylitis, Lumbago, Sciatica, Slip disc, Arthritis, Paralysis,etc.

General benefits

Massage may also relieve depression in people with chronic fatigue syndrome, reduce pain and improve quality of life, ease chronic constipation (when the technique is performed in the abdominal area), decrease swelling, alleviate sleep disorders, and improve self image.

In the workplace stress

Massage has been shown to melt away stress and enhance mental alertness.
Ayurvedic medicine support its ability to help individuals resist illness, improve nervous system function, strengthen immune response also Ayurvedic oil massage loosens the deep seated toxins from joints and tissues and releases them into system
Another benefit of Ayurvedic oil massage is that it strengthens and tones the muscles and even resilient to injury. massage with warm oil helps to nourish, strengthen and lubricate the joints and It increases blood circulation, especially in the nerve ending. It encourages sound and deeper sleep at night also helps to calm nervous system and mind. With regular oil massage you will feel rested, calm, alert as well as focused.

Massage Therapy Rates:

Ayurvedic full body Massage 60min £60 90min £90 and 120min £110
Ayurveda Back Massage 30min £30 and 60min £60
Ayurveda Head,Neck & Shoulder Massage-30min £30 and 60min £60
Ayurveda Leg Massage - 30min £30 and 60min £60
Ayurveda Arm Massage -30min £30 and 60min £60
Special Ayurveda Kalari Marma Massage(Full Body)-120min £140

I am Antony originate from a traditional Ayurveda family based in the Kerala area of southern India and has a Certificate in Panchakarma Therapy in Ayurveda. I am also an Associate Member of the British Register of Complementary Practitioners.

I am available between 9am to 6pm from Monday to Saturday. Pre-booking only.
Please text to arrange an appointment on 07463655443

Please note that this is a strictly professional and insured Ayurveda massage Therapy clinic.

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