Structural Engineer

Mobile:  07886988XXX [Show Mobile]
Address: Shirley, West Midlands
Location: Shirley
Area: Solihull District
County: West Midlands
Country: England

I am a structural engineer with many years of industry experience in the design, extension and alteration of residential properties.

I can provide calculations and drawings for:
- Steel beam if you are removing a load-bearing wall.
-chimney support calcs if you've removed your chimney.
- Steel post or masonry pier calculations to support beams.

- I can also produce planning drawings for your project which can be used to obtain planning permission for your project.

Upon job completion, I will provide you with a calculation package and for your local authority approval and detailed drawings for your builder.

If you want to discuss your project, please give me a ring or drop me a text on 07886988853.

Many thanks,

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