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Address: Bristol
County: Bristol
Country: England

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Expert “ Durgashankar “at your service with extreme experience and power in the Thai occult and Hindu culture I can use my power of rituals , amulets , mantras , herbs and even magic cloths empowered to help you solve any problem.

I have helped many families achieve wealth abundance and even prosperity.

I can also remove evil spirits bad luck and black magic immediately and give protection .

I can identify your life obstacles and give you permanent solutions I can also be available to meet in person .

From return of partners , family marriage to career , health , fidelity or even court cases and extreme cases can be solved .

My amulets and mantras also black magic oils and herbs are the most powerful

They are only a few powerful Thai Devi spiritualists in the uk and I am one of them .

Buddhist rituals and Thai black magic is the most extreme magic that you will ever come across even the amulets empowered by me are that powerful they become bullet proof for the wearer .

If you require my assistance you can contact me on the number below or message me with your name , date of birth , contact details and situation .

I can speak fluent English also Hindi and punjabi ..

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